When you are gone, many things have to be done on a daily basis to make certain your pets are safe, secure, comfortable and happy.

we go through a checklist of services needed every time we visit with your pets.


Sanitizing to reduce illness & disease

Releasing your security system

Bringing in the newspaper

Bringing in the mail

Giving each pet clean, fresh, water

Giving each pet the proper amount of food

Making sure each pet eats their food

Checking on the welfare of shy or reclusive pets

Restoring the supplies in the proper place

Giving treats (if they are allowed)

Cleaning up any "accidents" or messes that may occur

Watering plants

Having play time with each pet

Cleaning the litter box

Maintaining a comfort level in the home you set

Checking all internal and external doors and windows

Monitoring the condition of the home

Ensuring the house fence perimeter is secure

Changing the lighting arrangement

Making sure pets are in their proper place

Making notes for the owners

Administering medication if needed

Checking each pets condition

Re-locking the house

Restoring the security system

You do most of these things automatically when you are home. Isn't it comforting to know that someone is going to go through a

checklist each day and do them for you while you're away?


Each walk lasts at least 30 minutes and also includes cleaning and filling the water dish at end of each walk, feeding if appropriate, administer medications. While we are at your home (at your request) we can also switch on lights, radios or TVs, bring in newspapers and mail, take trash and recyclables out to curb (inform us on days needed) and water plants.

These services are provided at your request as time allows (your dog is our priority).

We also carry extra water for your dog on our walk during hot days or (at your request) every walk.