About me.......

Ever since I was a little girl and my family adopted a stray kitten that we named Silver, I have loved animals. I gravitate to any animal I see whether domesticated or wild. I am fascinated with them. When I am feeling down-hearted, just being near one of my pets has always cheered me. My pets have helped me cope with many stressful times in my life.

An animal will give you unconditional love. I credit my mom for instilling in me a passion towards the pets I care for. Whenever our family adopted a new pet (and we have had many), she always spoke of the pet being a part of the family and our home being his or her home also. I was raised to treat any animal with kindness and respect. Despising any type of animal-abuse, I have always worked with animal-rights groups as well as local pet adoption agencies.

I have a true love for animals. There is the empathy for how they must feel when their pet-parents leave them alone, when they are sad, bored, lonely or ill. I always want to help them to be happy and well. They need to be loved and cared for. Being very patient and loving, I find that gentleness and kindness go a long way with animals as well as people.

In 2007, I studied to become a certified pet sitter through NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Inc.), was certified, found my first client and Silver Snuggles Pet Sitting was born. My furry client list has been growing ever since.

I will care for your pet while you are away as if he or she were my own. Often I have stayed over the time limit of pet visits when I felt that it was not "okay" with my furry client for me to leave with no additional fee charged. The pets are my priorities. You can rest assured that your pets will be well taken care of. There would be no need for worry or concern since your pet will be in very good, caring hands. Your pet will be a lot happier, too.